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Columbus Georgia Owner Operator InsuranceTruck drivers and business owners – If you are searching for Owner Operator Insurance in Columbus Ga or any city and surrounding areas in Georgia then contact us today. Great insurance rates and quality coverage are available in your area.

At Pathway Insurance, a leading independent insurance agency, we specialize in commercial truck insurance for drivers in Georgia, Kentucky, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Tennessee, and Florida. We also offer insurance quotes and policies for trucking operations throughout the rest of the United States via our referral network.

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Columbus Georgia Owner Operator Insurance  – Kinds of Trucks We Insure:

In addition to owner operator coverage, we also offer commercial auto insurance for the following types of vehicles:

  • Bobtail Coverage
  • Tow Truck Coverage
  • Dump Truck Coverage
  • Moving Truck Coverage
  • Cargo or Box Truck Coverage
  • Cold Storage or Refrigerated Truck (Reefer Truck) Coverage

Whether you are seeking truck insurance or some other kind of commercial auto insurance coverage for a new business venture, an established, long-standing company, Pathway Insurance can provide the coverage you need.

Kinds of Georgia Trucking Insurance Coverage We Offer:

Liability Insurance Coverage – Insurance that protects you from financial loss due to damage to property or injury. Though it depends somewhat on your unique operations, In most cases Liability Insurance is ordered by the state or the federal government as a required form of coverage.

Medical Payments Coverage – Much like the medical payments insurance found in a typical personal auto insurance policy, this kind of coverage offers financial compensation to anyone injured while a consenting passenger in your vehicle, i.e. employees.

Uninsured & Underinsured Motorist Coverage – In the event that you or your emplyees are owed damages by an individual or entity who either has no insurance coverage of their own or does not have enough coverage, Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage protects you.

Motor Truck Cargo Insurance – Insurance for damage to or loss of freight due to theft, fire, or an accident while being transported. Depending on circumstance debris removal can sometimes be offered if payloads have been spilled over roads or into water sources. A deductible will apply.

Physical Damage Coverage – Insurance for physical damage to an insured automobile. Typically, the types of Physical Damage Coverage offered are Collision coverage, Comprehensive coverage, and Specified Causes of Loss coverage. A deductible will apply.

Trailer Interchange Insurance – Insurance for physical damage to trailers not owned by the insured, normally under a “trailer interchange agreement.” Similar to On-Hook coverage for tow trucks.

On-Hook Towing Insurance – Insurance coverage for physical damage to property not owned by the insured while said property (usually another vehicle or watercraft) is being towed by the insured vehicle. As its name suggests, this type of coverage is used almost exclusively for tow truck operations.

Garage Keepers Legal Liability – Insurance coverage that protects non-owned vehicles while they are in the care of the insured. This coverage is designed to provide protection for businesses who regularly store customer vehicles on their own property for any length of time, such as auto repair or body shops.

Bobtail Coverage – S Named after the short tail of a bobcat, this type of insurance is also called Non-Trucking Liability Insurance. It is a coverage specially designed for protecting semi trucks when they are not pulling any freight.

Why Should You Use an Independent Agency for Your Columbus Georgia Owner Operator Insurance?

The advantage an independent agency has over a captive agent (an agent who only sells insurance through one company) is that independent agencies are capable of shopping the insurance market to find their clients the best rates and coverage currently available to them.

What’s more, if one of our policyholders’ rates increase by 5% or more Pathway Insurance will automatically re-shop the market for them so that they are always receiving the best possible coverage.

Furthermore, the Pathway Insurance office is open until 5:30 PM so you can visit the bank before it closes if need be and still have time to call us about your insurance needs.

So why not give us a call at 1-800-998-0662 and see how our experienced agents can help you land the commercial auto insurance coverage you need, whether it be for semis, bobtail, towing, or any kind of trucking.

Our office hours are 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM Monday through Friday, and our online quote system is available 24/7 when you click Columbus Ga Owner Operator Insurance Quotes.

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